About Chondro World

Most snake enthusiast want a Chondro, also known as a Green Tree Python, or GTP. In fact, like me, many people decide to keep a snake originally because they fall in love with the Chondro.

Chondro’s are shy, timid snakes that prefer to be left alone. They are not for the novice, though. Most people keep them to look at and enjoy, not to touch and move around a lot. Personally, I relate them a lot to keeping a pet fish. The best time to really view them is when you are spraying them with the daily mist.

If you can handle the above requirements, you may be okay having a Chondro as a pet. You will want to learn as much as you can about them, though, before you even consider buying one. That is where this site comes in.

Our goal is to help you prepare for and keep a Chondro, or any other kind of snake. Odds are, once you have one snake, you will want another. Because of this, we will help you learn about a bunch of different kinds of snakes as well as what you need to do to keep them happy.

We hope you will follow along with us on this page. Please contact us with any questions or comments.