The Importance of Water and Humidity

Water and humidity is one of the most important environmental necessities for the Chondro Python, and one that most people tend to be confused about. Anytime you are considering keeping a snake, it is best to research where the originate from and the habitat it lives in. Once you know this information, try to recreate that environment for the snake in your enclosure as much as you can.

The Chondro Python comes from the rain forests of New Guinea and Australia. The rain forest has a very high level of humidity all year long. That humidity does fluctuates, though, from month to month and from day to night. Because of this, it is not required to keep an exact level of humidity at all times. Instead, it is more important to fluctuate the level of humidity and offer the Chondro Python places that are dry and those with a high humidity.

The level of humidity in the enclosure can vary a lot depending on the ventilation and the temperature in the environment. Having an enclosure that always stay high in humidity will damage a Chondro Python quicker than an enclosure that dries out too quickly. In other words, you do not need to keep a high level of humidity for the snake at all times but, instead, provide a period of high humidity every couple of days then let it dry out slowly. An easy way to do this is by misting the cage and the substrate occasionally. You want to ensure that the cage itself doesn’t stay too wet also. Having water sitting on the bottom of the enclosure is a horrible idea.

The Chondro Python is rarely seen drinking directly from a bowl. Instead, they prefer to drink the drops of water when you mist the cage or from your water dripping system. If you change their water frequently, though, they may drink from the water bowl, but I would suggest, instead, that you provide a water dripping system for them to keep them drinking fresh water.

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