Adding Decor to Your Enclosure

Adding decor to your terrarium has two benefits. It provides more cover for your snake and allows for more viewing pleasure for you. The main thing, though, when choosing your decor is to consider the snake’s safety. Whatever you decide to use, be certain it is fixed securely. Also, ensure that rocks or anything else heavy will not be able to fall and hurt or kill your snake. Be sure everything you use in the enclosure is free of parasites. If you bring anything in from outside, clean it well first.

If you are using an enclosure that is large, you will need to provide a lot of cover and areas to hide. The Chondro Python does not like to hide inside or under things like most snakes, but prefers to sit on a limb that is hidden by foliage or up close to the sides of the enclosure. You can find many brands of decor and fake plants that are safe for your snake and attractive at most local pet stores. Look into cork bark to add to your enclosure since it makes a great cover for reptiles and is completely natural. Keep in mind, when considering what size enclosure you want to use, that the more space you have, the more areas for hiding that you will need to provide. There are not a specific number of hiding areas you will need for the Chondro Python, but they need several areas where they can “sit” around inside the enclosure.

Try to avoid using the fake backgrounds that you often see on aquariums. Not only do they look tacky, but they really serve no purpose to the snake. Instead, add more interesting items to bring more colors to the environment.

When decorating your snake’s cage, never use any kind of sticky tape. Take this from my experience…pulling tape off of a snake is not an easy job!

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